The sun’s one-hour energy can meet global energy needs for a year. Installing solar panels can harness this power and significantly impact the planet. Despite criticisms for being expensive or inefficient, solar energy benefits the environment and private economy by saving energy bills and increasing property value.

Solar energy for residences is gaining popularity, with nearly 4 million American households generating power. This clean energy source enhances the electric grid’s reliability, saves homeowners money, and improves home value.


Advantages of Solar Energy


Residential solar is now more affordable than ever, thanks to the federal solar tax credit extension. On their income taxes, taxpayers are eligible for a 30% tax credit toward the cost of solar systems. But install before the tax credit drops to 26% on January 1, 2033.

Additionally, numerous financing alternatives are available to simplify buying solar systems and need less cash upfront. 

 A solar loan usually has a monthly payment lower than the average energy bill.


Money saver

With monthly electricity expenses on the rise, solar power has significant potential to reduce your costs, and it’s expected to be a cost-effective choice for years to come. The quantity of electricity you save will vary based on your usage patterns, solar energy system capacity, and system size. 

A homeowner can host a solar energy system on their rooftop and buy back the electricity generated at a discounted rate—often less than what utilities charge customers—by choosing a leased, third-party-owned system. 

This option also allows electricity rates to be locked in for several years.


Adds value to Home

Investing in solar energy will raise the value of your house. According to research from Berkeley National Laboratory, people throughout the country have been ready to pay more for a house with an average-sized solar array because they consider solar photovoltaic panels as upgrades, much like a remodeled kitchen or a finished basement. 

Third-party-owned systems seem to have a generally neutral effect; however, they can occasionally add value—particularly in the case of prepaid leases.


Easy to Maintain

Solar energy systems require minimal upkeep, with reputable manufacturers offering 20-25-year warranties. The inverter converts solar energy into heat and electricity and typically needs replacement after 5-10 years. Wires also require maintenance to ensure efficient operation. After the initial system cost, maintenance and repairs are minimal.


Benefits of Auto battery

Auto batteries offer reliable starting power, stable electrical supply, energy storage, and emergency power in case of alternator failure. They need minimal maintenance and have a long lifespan with proper care. 

They also support in-car accessories like GPS systems and charging ports. However, benefits may vary depending on battery type and quality.

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A Solar PPA allows for sustainable savings without the need for capital investment.

Solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) benefit businesses with increasing electricity bills but need more capital to invest in solar. Revel Energy can develop and install a custom commercial solar solution for businesses, covering the cost with an accredited third-party financier. 

The PPA financing rate only increases by a fixed amount each year, reducing potential electricity costs even as rates rise. Revel Energy offers turn-key solutions for California businesses to lower electricity costs and increase cash flow.

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